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Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Blog Hop You Don't Want To Miss & Exciting News For Pendra...

I got an email from Jennifer over at Scrapping Under The Influence emailed me and asked me to let all of my amazing followers know that she is part of a really great blog hop. It starts with Simply My Crafts and they are having LOTS of blog candy, including some Tim Holtz products and also a few Cricut Cartridges. So hop on over to Simply My Crafts and enjoy the blog hop. If you could  let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you I would really appreciate that!! Also, if you happen to win some amazing blog candy I would LOVE to know, and I will be so happy to announce it on my blog.

Many Cricut Hugs...

P.S. I decided tonight that I am going to sponsor Pendra's 1st Giveaway!! She will announce it when she is ready to post it but how FUN for her. Pendra has been my number 1 supporter and I just ADORE her to pieces so I am really happy and excited to do this for her. Pendra really deserves this and I hope you all hop on over to her blog, follow her and enter in her 1st giveaway!! It will be product similar to my current giveaway so if you don't win this time you will have another chance to exciting is that?? Have fun at the blog hop and be sure to let me know if you win anything.. I will post it with PRIDE on Two Pink Peas!! Hugs to you ALL!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Blog Is Having A New Giveaway...

Hi girls!! Pendra stopped by and wanted me to share a new blog with you all and she is having a giveaway to kick her new blog off. She will pick a winner when she reaches 100 followers! It is called Scrapbookers Central and she plans on having giveaways, design team calls and other news all on her blog. So hop on over to Scrapbookers Central and enter in her giveaway. Please let her know that Two Pink Peas sent you. I would really appreciate that! Also, If you have not followed Pendra yet I highly recommend her. She is just so sweet, smart and I love her blog and ideas that she posts on her blog. To follow Pendra click here.
I hope everyone is doing well and I will talk to you very soon.
I have a few things to post but am not sure if I will get to it  today or tomorrow.
Big Cricut Hugs!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ChildFund Shared My Sponsorship Story On Their Website...

ChildFund International

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that Child Fund wanted to share my sponsorship story on their facebook page. As I have told you all in the past that we have been sponsoring a child named Salifu from Banjul, The Gambia since January 2006. Ever since 9th grade in high school I always wanted to be a sponsor to a child in need and Child Fund has made that dream come true. If you are able I would encourage everyone to sponsor a child from Child Fund. They are one of the best charities in the world and they take as much money as they can and give it straight to the children in need. One amazing thing that sets Child Fund apart from the rest is that not only does the child get sponsored but the whole family gets sponsored. They receive medical, dental, food, education and so on. You are also able to write to your sponsored child and exchange letters, pictures and gifts which I have done with Salifu straight from the start. If we all just sponsored one child then we can get rid of hunger in this world. Not one child in our world should go to bed hungry and going through Child Fund they literally change these little lives. You can read my story here and if you would like to sponsor a child just go to their official website here. It is just so you know. The sponsorship fee each month is only around $24.00 and trust me when I say that you WILL receive more in return then they get. Plus, just knowing that you are literally helping to change these little lives and their families, well that is just priceless to me. When Salifu is too old for this program we will sponsor a new child and I will pass this down to my children and make it a family tradition to sponsor children as long as we can. We spend SO much money on craft items and we know how expensive that can be. Just imagine taking only $24.00 a month and literally changing a whole family and knowing that they will not go to bed hungry, knowing that the children will receive education, knowing that the whole family receives medical...well that is ALOT for the little amount that you give them each month. Each time I get a letter from Salifu and his family is literally a gift to me. Child Fund sends me Salifu's report cards, school work that they are proud of, updated pictures and lots and lots of letters.
We also send them extra money for special occasions like birthdays, christmas and they are able to use that money for what ever they need. I sent Salifu money for his birthday this past June and he was able to have a birthay party with the children in his village. Probably his first birthday party ever! How amazing is that?
I want to send a special thank you to Child Fund for wanting to share my story with the world.
If I can only get one more child sponsored then it is SO worth it. I would share a picture of Salifu but I think I packed up his letters and pictures and put them in storage since our house is on the market. If I happen to find it I will post it so you can see how beautiful this little boy is.  Please go check Child Fund out and think about sponsoring a child from them. It will change your life just as much as you will change their lives!
Thanks and I will talk to you all soon!! ~Terri