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Friday, July 1, 2011

Today I Received The Sweetest Gift Ever...

Today after many many years apart I reconnected with my dad's sister Carol. She gave me the sweetest gift that I think I have ever gotten...she gave me pictures of my Dad and his twin brother as little boys and as they grew older. I have not seen any of these pictures, except for 2 of them but this really has meant so much to me. I thought I would share these with you all if that is ok.

This is my dad and his twin as babies!

My dad and his twin a little older.

Both of them dad is on the right!

Again, my dad is on the right and his twin on the left.
My dad on the right, his twin on the left.

These are both of my dad while in the Vietnam army.

At my mom and dad's wedding.

Thank you Aunt Carol for taking the time to upload these for me. She said it took her 6 hours to get them loaded for me and that she was determined to get it done so I could see them today. How amazing and sweet is that?
Anyway, thanks for letting me share these pictures of my dad with you. He is missed so much and I just wish he was still here. Aunt Carol, I love you and thank you so much for doing this for me! What a precious, precious gift that I will always cherish! ~Terri 

Two Pink Peas Is Excited To Announce 2 New Additions...

I am excited to announce that Two Pink Peas is working on 2 new additions! Little Pink Peas and Little Blue Peas! Each group will be added to Two Pink Peas and will be a place for kids, pre-teens, teenagers and adults alike to come and get ideas for all things girls and all things boys. Little Pink Peas will be for girls and Little Blue Peas will be for all things boys!!

I am in the beginning stages but wanted to share it with you all today. I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk to you very soon!! ~Terri

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two Pink Peas Won A Major Makeover Thanks To...

Whoooo Hoooo.. I wanted to thank 2 Moms Talk because I won this amazing blog candy giveaway. So that means that Two Pink Peas is getting a Major makeover and boy do I need Thank you girls SO much for providing this to me, this layout is simply gorgeous and I appreciate it SO much. If you have not stopped by their blog before I would highly recommend dropping by. They offer alot of free items for your blog and boy are they talented! I really did not think I had a chance to win but when I got home today I got an email from them letting me know that I won. My luck lately has been really great, huh? I can't believe it!
So to 2 Moms Talk Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!
 I can't wait to see the finished product. I know it is going to be gorgeous and perfect!!! :o)

If you have never been to their blog before trust me when I say that you NEED to hop on over and take a peek. They are very talented ladies and you will love it and want to follow them. Have a great night everyone!! ~Terri

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank You For Another Sweet Blog Award...

I have been so busy lately that I have not had a chance to post a Thank You to Jenn at That was so sweet of you to think of me and it really means alot to me that you picked me out of all of the amazing blogs out there. I do want to say that I am sorry for not posting this sooner so I hope that you did not take it personally where you felt that this award did not mean anything to me. It really does!! So thank you so much again!! You are just so sweet!

The rules of the award are to thank the person who gave it to you, tell 7 things about yourself, and then pass it on to 8 others. 

7 Things About Me:

1.) Since my son joked about me being short I thought I would tell you how short I am.. I am 5'2..

2.) Coach is my favorite handbags in the whole entire world!

3.) I love my Ugg boots and wear them almost every day!

4.) When I was in high school I had to carry an "Egg Baby" for 1 week. Well my mom made it for me and it broke within the first few days so she had to perform "surgery" and cut open the panty hose body and replace the egg. I still have it and here is a picture of it... Boy is this old!!

My mom has ALWAYS been a very talented crafter. I should take pictures of some of the things she has made for me over the years and you would be blown away. When she made my Egg Baby soft sculpture dolls were just becoming poplular. I still love this little Egg Baby. I had the cutest one in the whole entire school!!

5.) I am a major people person and I love to give!

6.) I think I have told you all that on Nov. 20th 2002 I had to have a total joint replacement on both sides of my jaw, my tmj area. I have severe chronic pain and must take pain medications for the rest of my life.

7.) I mostly drink water but I love rootbeer!! Boy it is hard coming up with 7 random things about

I want to pass this award on to these sweet blogs.. Evy Carrie K

I want to thank Jenn again for passing this on to me. You are a real sweetheart and I feel honored to be one of the blogs that made your list!! Have a great day everyone!! ~Terri


My Super Funny Interview That I Woke Up To Today...

So this morning I woke up to the funniest thing my kids have ever done to me. I woke up to this (look right above you) to my son Casey who is 12 years old who started interviewing me because I am "short" LOL. Listen to what he started saying to me during my interview. Oh, the blue cell phone was his tape recorder..LOL.. This was so funny that I could not stop laughing. This is what he said..

First he called me and he started out with Ok, so 
 "Shorty Mc 40"
(Then he asked while pointing the cell phone in my face) "Are you Master Yoda's Mother, because your not as wise as him but you are as short as him so he must get his wiseness from his father", "Is Bella going to grow taller then you?" and then I stopped him because I had to grab pictures of him. He cracked me up so bad that I could not stop laughing.. Casey can be so super funny sometimes and some of the things that come out of Casey's and Hallie's mouths stun me. Where do they come up with such things?

The first picture is Casey hiding under my blankets because he was acting shy when I told him that I was posting this on Then he came around and I was able to take a picture of Casey pointing the cell phone at me while acting like he was interviewing me for being short..LOL.
Shorty Mc 40!! Pretty funny if I may say so myself!!  ~Terri

Aww.. Look At What Carrie K Made For Salifu...

I just wanted to thank Carrie K from for making this beautiful card for my sweet Salifu! She did a great job and he is going to go bananas when he get this beautiful card along with all of the others!! I am so excited for him. It always feels good to do things for other people and I love doing things for other people. If any one else makes a card for Salifu I would love to post it in my blog if that is ok with you all. Thank you so much Carrie K. Many hugs! ~ Terri

Get A $100 Refund On Your Cricut Imagine...

I just got an email from the Cricut Blog and this is what it said about the Cricut Imagine Machine..

If you paid more than $299 for your Cricut Imagine™ between 6/1/11 and
we want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. So we'll pay the
difference with a credit of up to $100 that can be used for anything on

For more information, visit

Some of you may not receive emails from Cricut.Com and I wanted to share this with you all. I hope this helps those of you who can take advantage of this refund!! ~Terri

WOW And OMG I Won Some Amazing Blog Candy...

Well I just checked my Two Pink Peas Facebook page and I got a message from Andrea of and she had sent me a message telling me that I won her Jar Full Of Sunshine Giveaway!! How exciting!! This is So weird because about 2 or 3 months ago I had won this exact same thing from another blog but did not get back to them in time and lost it so I can't believe that I won it again.

Thank you SO much Andrea and Heart In The Details for this amazing giveaway. I am really excited and cannot believe it!! If you get a chance please hop on over to her blog and become a follower. Her blog is amazing and has so many beautiful creations. As you can see that I am almost speechless and that almost never I almost always have something to say about everything..LOL. Like you couldn't tell... hehe!

Before I go I wanted to thank those of you who have said that you were going to send Salifu a card. I am just literally stunned by your kindness and how you have opened your heart to this very special little boy. If you decide that you are going to send something to Salifu make sure to leave your return address because I believe that you will receive a thank you letter from Salifu for your beautiful card. These cards are really going to make his day, his year!! Just him knowing that so many people care about him will mean so much. I have been asked what he likes. Well, he LOVES soccer and he wants to be a doctor when he grows up so those are a few ideas that you can use when making your cards. Also, I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you would email me your card or leave me a comment where I can copy it so I can post it on my blog so everyone can see your beautiful creations!! I just cannot thank you enough for doing this for him. I really do not think that he has ever received mail like this in his whole life, so this is a HUGE deal!!  Since it is after midnight it is officially Salifu's 11th birthday!! Happy 11th Birthday Salifu. We ALL love you to pieces!! ~Terri

P.S. I will try and see if I can find my pictures of him today and try to post them later on in the day. I might have packed them away but there might be a chance that they are somewhere in my bedroom. I am going to look and look and try to find them so you can see how beautiful this little boy is.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello To You All & A Request That Will Help Someone That You Don't Know...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I don't know about you all but this past weekend seemed to go by so fast for me. I got to relax a little which is always needed for I can never relax to much.

Friday night our neighborhood had a chance to set out trash that they can not normally throw away during the week. I noticed these 2 women going through my neighbors trash and their van was jammed packed with stuff that they wanted to save. Personally I have never gone through other peoples trash but I offered to help put their extra stuff in my truck and follow them around and then deliver their stuff to their home. The lived about 10 minutes from me. These 2 amazing ladies were absolutely stunned that a perfect stranger would offer to help. Let me just add that it was pouring down rain... I mean we were soak and wet. I HATE to throw things away that others can use or that they need. I was literally STUNNED at the stuff that people threw away. I mean I found a Baby Juicy Couture hoodie that was perfect in every way. So I grabbed about 2 or 3 trash bags FILLED with designer baby and toddler clothes to donate to our local woman's domestic abuse shelter. Every year we ALWAYS give or donate to them. It amazes me how somebody could throw away such beautiful clothing that can be used by children whose mother's cannot buy for them. So tomorrow I get to drop that off and that was a good thing, plus it is better for our environment. From this day on I will go around each year and do this very same thing and donate what I find to shelters. What a shame and what a waste to throw such things away.

On to other news. Today I went to my counselor/life coach and I just have to say that I really adore her so much. She is so amazing. Today she gave me this poem and wants me to read it to myself each morning. I wanted to share it with you all. Although I am not very religious this is a poem to god and it is very beautiful and it goes like this..

Dear God,

Take my life and let me live serenely for today.
Open my mind to happy thoughts.
Take away my self-pity, I don't want it.
Take away my ill-will toward others.
Make it possible for me to feel joy, love and compassion.
Help me to accept what it, to hold my tongue, to do my daily tasks and to let go with love.
Take away my worry about the future.
Make me realize that in Your hands everything will be provided for, that I have no control over anything but myself.
Help me to remember that all the hatred and pain that are directed at me are the hatred and pain the other person is feeling toward himself/herself.
Thank you for your willingness to accept my burdens and lighten my load.


There are alot of things in this poem that do not apply to me but it is a beautiful poem and I wanted to share it with you all. Maybe these words will touch someone's heart and help someone.

On another note, today I received a letter from Salifu from The Gambia. Remember he is my sponsored child and his birthday is tomorrow the 28th and he will turn 11 years old.  I had sent him $35.00 which turns in to $994.00. I really do not know how much money that is to them but I think it is alot. A little to us goes a looooooooong way to them!! He said that he is going to purchase shoes, clothes, juice, food and he is going to have a birthday party with his friends and neighbors. I love getting letters from Salifu and I know he LOVES getting letters in return 100 times more. I would like to ask you all a HUGE favor. You all are so special and talented and special to me. Are there any of you who would be willing to send Salifu a birthday card? It is ok that it will be late but just think how special Salifu will feel receiving alot of homemade cards from perfect strangers!! I am going  to put his address and contact information down and I would just appreciate it SO much if you could send him something heartfelt. Salifu will keep these cards for the rest of his life and it would mean so so much to him and his family. Here is his info...

Salifu Sanneh
Kabafita Family Helper Project
Christian Children's Fund
Private Mail Bag No. 2
Banjul, The Gambia

If you decide to send him a little card you have to put every part of this address on the envelope, otherwise it will not get to him. As you can see Salifu is VERY very important not just to me and my family but to so many others. I just know that in my heart he will be so surprised and excited to get so much attention and love from all of you. So thank you SO so much in advance for sending my sweet boy a happy birthday card.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Next week I will pick a winner for my giveaway. So that means you still have time to enter if you have not already. Thank you all so much for becoming new followers of Two Pink Peas and I will get to each and every one of your blogs and follow you too. It just might take a little time to get to all of you. This giveaway has literally blown me away with so many enteries and brand new followers. I mean to go from 50 something to over 200 followers.. WOW!! Amazing! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Good luck and if you don't win, don't worry as I am currently working on another amazing giveaway. I wish I could give each and everyone of you this package and that is the only bad part about this giveaway.

Well, I did not mean to ramble on so long but thank you if you got this Please consider sending Salifu a card and please leave me a comment if you decide to send him one. Much love and hugs to you ALL!! ~Terri