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Friday, June 8, 2012

My Knee Surgery Update & Bella's Birthday Is Today!

Today is my sweet Bella's birthday! She turned 4 years old today. You all hear me talking about Bella alot.
Bella has been the most loving, most loyal and the sweetest little girl I have ever had. Never had I loved any animal as much as I love Bella. I got Bella for my 10th wedding anniversary. She was just 2 1/2 pounds when I bought her. She was so tiny and she still is. Bella is a yorkie-poo. Since the day I brought her home she has been by my side for every minute that I am at home and she follows me everywhere. She LOVES to go bye-bye and she goes pretty much everywhere with me. When I am driving she will take her left paw and brush it up and down on my arm a few times when wants to get in my lap. So I will move my right arm off of the steering wheel so she can get on my lap. Bella will then stand up with her front feet on the steering wheel and then she will sit on my lap. It is so cute to see her do this. Since day one I have talked to her like she was a little person. Bella always amazes me how she understands everything I am saying to her. She is seriously the smartest dog I have EVER seen. When you get a new pet you really never know what their personality will be. I won the jackpot with Bella's personality. She LOVES people and I mean she loves every kid or adult she sees. She is so friendly and when we are around people whether it is kids or adults she will literally pull me so she can go up to them. Bella is always so happy and loves to play. She has been the best gift I have ever received in my whole entire life. Our family looks forward to many many more years of happiness with her. Bella is such a blessing and I love her so very much!! Can you tell? :o)
So Happy Birthday Bella!! We love you so much!
Here is my update from my knee surgery from yesterday.
Because of my total joint replacement on both sides of my jaw the anesthesiologist came to see me before surgery like they always do and because of my jaw replacement he was so nervous and he decided to give me a spinal and he put me to sleep with other medications. I am in a TON of pain. It hurts so bad and has me in tears. I cannot put weight on my knee for up to 12 weeks. But I am doing ok and I wanted to let you all know. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I hope you are all doing well! Sending hugs to you all!
Big Cricut Hugs!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today Is Surgery Day!

Hi crafters!! I am getting ready to go to the hospital for my knee surgery this morning. I just wanted to let you all know that it is today and I always want to keep you all updated. This photo above shows what I am having done except there will be 3 of those rods inside my knee at the same time. I didn't want to post a photo that too graphic. You get the idea. The other thing is that my surgeon has SO many different things to fix in my knee. But will be ALL good and worth it to get out of this pain and for this swelling to finally go down once I heal. My left knee has been swollen for over one year. It has been crazy trying to get the right treatment for this. So I am grateful.

I have the BEST blog followers in the whole wide world! Thank you all for always supporting me and for being such amazing women!

On to some other news...Yesterday afternoon I got an email from a brand new sponsor and I am excited to post a brand new giveaway for you all. I think what I am going to do is leave my Happy Spring Giveaway opened until this new giveaway is over and then I will post the winner for both on the same day. My goal is once I get home from the hospital later today and if I am feeling ok that I will be able to get the giveaway going since I will be relaxing in bed with my laptop. That is my goal anyhow and I really hope that I can do that. I know you all will understand if I am in too much pain that I will post it in a few days. So we will see how today goes! Sounds good?

So I am off and I will give you an update as soon as I can! I hope you all hav a fabulous day! Be kind to eachother and please wish me luck!

Big Cricut Hugs!