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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Baby Peas...

Ok, so I have not been able to put my computer down and go to I wanted to post one more thing for you all. As you all know about the new additions that I have added to Two Pink Peas one more popped into my head. It is called Little Baby Peas and will be for all things baby. After thinking about these new additions I thought having one for all baby things would be a great idea and so I added it.

Here are all of the new additions...

Little Baby Peas...for all things baby's
Little Pink Peas... for all things girls
Little Blue Peas...for all things boys
Little Pet Peas...for all thing pets

Once again these are meant for anyone and everyone to share their projects of any type so that when someone is looking for an idea for a baby project let's say then you can go to Little Baby Peas and everything will be all in one place. I would be honored if you had any project of any type that you have and would like to share that I can add to the appropriate group. I also have these groups on my
Two Pink Peas facebook page. You can add things there with your blog or website name so the viewer can visit you if they wish to see more of your work. As far as I know I have not seen anything like this on the internet where you can go to see all girls craft ideas and projects or all boys projects and craft ideas all in one get the picture. I could be wrong but I am not aware of such a place. Hopefully this will be a place that you know you can visit and find some inspiration as well as being able to share your creations.

So, I just wanted to announce this last addition. Unless I think of something else....which is completely

Thanks so much and I hope you have a wonderful day today! ~Terri

Hallie's Special Meal That She Made For Bella Today...

For those of you who have pets you are aware that some may be picky eaters. My Bella is one picky eater and has been since day one. Today all on her own Hallie made Bella a special meal with all kinds of things that Bella loves. Hallie cares so much and worries alot about Bella.
When Hallie did this today it really touched my heart..

Here is a proud Hallie holding her "special meal" that she made all by herself. That includes picking out every single ingredient. As picky as Bella is I can tell you that Bella was going nuts while I was taking the many pictures of
Hallie holding her new concoction.
That was a good sign because Bella does not act like that!

After taking many pictures of Hallie holding Bella's meal I had to stop taking pictures because Bella acted like she could not wait any She was very excited and eager to check it out. As you can see she went right for it.
I was so shocked! Good job Hallie!!

Bella loves to be hand fed and that is what Hallie is doing in this picture. So so cute and I was very proud of Hallie for coming up with this idea all on her own. She picked out every item that went into Bella's meal and Bella loved each and every item that Hallie put in it.
Hallie, You did such a great job!!

Bella eating out of the bowl and she pretty much ate everything. This is what Hallie put in her "special meal" for Bella. For one Bella LOVES chicken! Her most favorite treat is chicken tender jerkeys made from a company called Wagon Train. Bella gets 2 pieces of these chicken tender jerkeys every single day around 6 or 7 am. These chicken jerkey tenders were not in this meal but Hallie did add 
 pre-cooked chicken that we had in our refrigerator. Hallie cut them into smaller pieces. How sweet is that?
 Then Hallie added little pieces of this beef jerkey tenders by Milo's Kitchen and boy does Bella LOVES those alot!
Hallie also cut those pieces into smaller bits for Bella.
Again, so sweet and thoughtful!
  Hallie then added a few blueberries. I looked online about a week ago to make sure that dogs could eat them and
they are ok in small quantities.
The last ingredient Hallie added was a dog biscuit.
No matter what kind of biscuit it is Bella won't touch 
or eat them. 
However, Bella happens to LOVE greenies and
every afternoon she gets 1 greenie. Every single day sometime in the afternoon Bella will sit on the ground, look at me and make this weird noise. This is her way of telling me that she wants her You all are probably thinking that I am crazy and how can a dog do such a thing?
I promise you that this happens every single day!!
Bella knows what she wants and when she wants it!
So I will say "Bella, do you <want> (want is the magic word) your greenie?" Bella will then start showing her excitement and that is when I will give it to her. It is really so cute to see. Maybe someday I will make a video her doing this and
post it so you can see her in action.
Never have I had a pet that will act like this.
It could be because I talk to Bella like she is a person..LOL.
For those of you who have pets, I would LOVE to know how many of you talk to your pets like they are people.
Since the first day that Bella came home, I have talked to
her like that and it is amazing to me that she
understands what I am talking about. So if you talk to your pets like that please leave me a comment. I am very curious to see if I am the only crazy lady who does

Anyhow, I was just very proud of Hallie for thinking and worrying about Bella and for making this special meal all on her own. As you can probably tell Hallie is a very loving, giving and caring little girl. I am just so proud of her even for doing something this small. She is always thinking about other's and that is a quality that not everyone has.
So when Hallie does special things I tend to make a big deal out of them. I always want her to know what an amazing little girl she is and that I am very proud of her
and her very caring heart!
I love you Hallie Bleu!!
 Mommy is so blessed to have you as my daughter.
Thank you for being such a blessing to me and our family.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. I know that this blog is really supposed to be about crafting, cards, scrapbook pages and other things but feel that I have to include my family in the mix because they are
 the biggest part of my life.
 Have a great night and hug your family! Make sure that you always show and tell your kids how much you
love and how very proud you are of them!
Even with the little things!!!
When your kids hear, see and know that you are proud of
them it will stick with them for a long time
and in turn make them proud of themselves!!
Something that ALL children should feel!

Sorry for blabbing on and on You all know that I am a big ole' blabber and can't keep it short!!
Thanks for visiting and Good night everyone!! ~Terri

Dress Up Like A Cow Get Chicken For Free...

Today Chick-Fil-A had a special that if you dress up like a cow then you get a FREE meal of your choice. So around 6 pm about 5 minutes after reading that you could get a free meal I grabbed Hallie and her best friend Erin and we printed out paper cow parts, like the ears, nose and mouth, tail and spots. So we grabbed headbands and taped the cow ears on the headband and that is how we wore the ears, then we stuck the spots on our shirts and pinned the tail on the back of our shirts with a safety pin and we were able to get a free meal. 

Here is Hallie on the left and Erin on the right in front of the Chick-Fil-A all ready to get their free meal. 

Hallie and Erin at the counter ordering their free meal!!
They looked SO cute as little cows!!

I dressed up as a cow too but I thought that I would spare you with that Here we are at the table with their drinks waiting for our food. We actually got about $23.00 worth of food for FREE. It was really alot of fun and Hallie and Erin really loved it because it was not something that we planned. After reading about it online it took me literally less then 5 minutes to decide that we were going. So after printing the cow "costume" I told them to hurry and to get ready and that we were going to dress up as cows and go get some free
Their was NO hesitation and boy they were ALL for it!

 All 3 of us got a 4 piece chicken tender meal (I am not 100% sure what they are really called.. sorry Chick-Fil-A!) but it came with fries and a drink!
Not bad and it was SO good!

Here are the girls enjoying their nummies and just having a great time. After we were done they wanted some dessert so Hallie got a fruit cup (what a good girl she is!), Erin wanted a yogurt parfait (also such a good choice and I am proud of them for picking something healthy) and of course I got a cookies and cream milkshake. Not good and I was a bad girl, I know! LOL But it looked so darn good.

After filling their tummy's they modeled in front of the famous Chick-Fil-A cow sign in the restaurant. Are they the cutest little girls ever? I love doing things with them! Every time we do things together we are all smiles and I love that!

The girls were letting me take the many many pictures of them without one single complaint. As you can see they are NOT camera Actually, they are little camera They are such adorable little girls and as you know they are best friends. They have been for very close and best friends for almost 2 years now.  I look at Erin like she is my own daughter. She is the sweetest little girl just like my Hallie! I am very proud of both of them. I could not ask for a better friend for Hallie. They spend most of the week together either at my house or at Erin's house.
Just another adorable picture of two best friends. Anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you all and I really hope that alot of you were aware that Chick-Fil-A gave free meals away if you dressed up like a cow and were able to go take advantage of a free meal.
As you can see we had a lot of fun!!

Also you always know comments are always welcomed and encouraged!! Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas!! ~Terri

Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Pink Peas VERY Late Tuesday's Tool Of The Week Pick...

Things have been so crazy busy for me lately and I did not get a chance to do my usual
Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tools Of The Week
and so for this week (even though this is very very late)
I wanted to pick these amazing little pens called Cri-Kits. First let me give you all of their information such as their website so you can go check it out, go for their website go here , for their blog go here.  Oh, and I cannot forget their facebook page.. so go here for that.  If you are not a follower of the Cri-Kits facebook page please hop on over and let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you. I don't get anything for telling you all about these pens but I don't do this to get things in return. When I find a product that I love I LOVE to share it with you.

 I am sure that 99% of you already know about the Cri-Kits but for those of you who don't know about these Cri-Kits these are a GREAT find my friends!! I really LOVE the embosser that they offer!!! It is literally limitless what the embosser and the Cri-Kits pens can do. The magnetic pens fit into a magnetic holder which replaces your blade housing in your machine. Then you can "draw" whatever you want or any image that you have in your cartridges well depending on what machine you have. Right now I am referring to the Cricut machine.

For those of you who want to purchase some Cri-Kits this is what you do. First you go to their website and you will have 4 choices to make, this will make sure that the pens will fit your machine. See it all depends on what machine you own. These Cri-Kits will fit these machines...of course the Cricut Machine, the Pazzles Machine, the Silhouette SD Machine and the Sizzix Eclips. Just click on the machine that you have and it will take you to the many choices that they offer. One of the best things they offer is bundles and I love bundles. They have several different bundles so go check them out!!

Right now for a limited time they are having a 
Trade-In & Trade-Up special. Here are all of the details..

Trade in any "competitors" Gel Pen Holder (Cricut®, Silhouette®, eclips® or Pazzles®) and get our new Superior, easy to use, Cri-Kits Gel pen holder AND a Swirl pen 2-pack for FREE with a purchase of any Cri-Kits pen kit. All this for only $8.99! A savings of over $20.00!
Then start enjoying all the features of Cri-Kits brand gel pen holder:

  • Magnetic, easy to use, holder.
  • 40 great colors: Reg. & Neon, glitter, Metallic, Pastel and the one of a kind 2-pk of swirls.
  • Double Ended Embossing stylus, and embossing mat, for beautiful embossing
  • No tools needed to remove pen or embosser from holder.
  • Lifetime Warranty on holder AND embossing stylus- Nothing to wear out.
  • Anodized holder for a beautiful stronger finish that won't become pitted or corrode.
  • Lowest cost in the industry for gel pen holder and embossing stylus with great features and colors to boot.
  • And the list goes on and on......
When they ask you to pick your machine it is because the magnetic pen holder is a different size for each machine. So be sure to chose the correct machine. Then you can chose which pens you want or which bundle you want. These are really amazing pens and such a brilliant invention!! Great job to the creators of the Cri-Kits!! All I know is that I want every single set that they But who wouldn't want all of them? So there you have it.. go check them out and if you visit their facebook page please let them know that
Two Pink Peas sent you. I am just showing Cri-Kits some love!! I apologize for the lateness of my usual
Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week. Thanks for visiting me today and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I really cannot believe that this week is already over. It seemed like time just flew this week. Maybe it is just me that feels that way but sheesh.. we are in July already. Crazy! Have a good day ya'll!! ~Terri

Laura's Crafts And More Gave Me The Sweetest Blog Award...

Today I received the sweetest blog award from Laura at Laura's Crafts And More. To be honest I was completely shocked because there are so many amazing, beautiful and talented women with blogs to chose from and for Laura to pick me out of all of the one's she could have pick really touched my heart. Thank you so much Laura. You are such a sweetheart and I feel very honored that you thought of me to award me with this Stinkin' Cute Blog Award! Thank you so very much. It means more to me then you know. You really are such a super sweetheart! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you so very much!!

I would love to pass this adorable blog award to all of you but I had to pick only a few, so the blogs that I would love to pass this on to is...  

Brynn at Flair and Frills Creativity
A Creative Journey
LB at Cool Beans by LB
Susan K at Cricut and Grasshopper
Justina at Just My Crafts
Nina at Nina The Hot Pink Scrapper
Jessica at Jessica's Craft Shaque
Becky at The Cutest Blog On The Block

If you have not been to any of these blogs please hop on over and show some love, become a follower because you will not be sorry. These women are so talented and I feel honored to be blogging buddies with them. Laura.. Thank you again.. I really am flattered by your kindness!! ~Terri

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Pink Peas & Little Blue Peas Is Now Open...

Before I get to my Little Pink Peas and Little Blue Peas I hope you all are enjoying my new blog makeover.
Becky at The Cutest Blog On The Block did a spectacular job on it. I really love it and it is just so cute!! So thank you again Becky!! Please take the moment to check out her blog and become a follower. She has so many free things that you can add to your blog and let me tell you, boy are they adorable!!

Today I added pages for Little Pink Peas and Little Blue Peas. I was thinking about how I wanted to use these two pages and I think it would be so much fun and amazing if any of you talented crafters would be willing to post some of your girl or boy projects on either my Little Pink Peas or Little Blue Peas. I am also including any project that your child or a child in your family. These pages will be for all ages and if your child made something special at school that you would like to share feel free to share it with us. We would love to see their creations. Personally, I feel it is very important to encourage children to use their imagination and to be as creative as they want to be. The only rule is that girls projects go on Little Pink Peas and boys projects will go on Little Blue Peas. Pretty simple..right?

If you would like to add your projects please email me with your name, the name of your project and your blog or website address and I will be very happy to add them to these sweet little pages. At first I was going to just only post my creations but there are SO many amazing, talented and creative ladies and men out there that I thought it would be fun to use it as sort of a viewing and sharing forum. That means more exposure for you and more people will get to see your beautiful work. You can add anything for girls and for any age or anything for boys at any age. Even items you made for adults is perfectly fine. Let me know if you would like to be a part of it at and I will post it on either the girls page or the boys page. Since you are reading this on all projects will be added on my newer Two Pink Peas blog. Sometime soon I will be closing this blog down so if you could please go to and please follow me there. When this blog gets shut down I would hate to lose a single one of you. Each one of you readers and followers are so very important to me. So if you could hop over to and follow me there I would really appreciate it so much. Plus, I am going to be doing more giveaways and I don't want you to miss out on those!

Thank you in advance for being a part of Two Pink Peas newest venture!! Talk to you soon! ~Terri 

UPDATE: Two Pink Peas is proud to announce Little Pet Peas
which will be for all things pets. Go to Two Pink Peas Here for more information about these new groups!

Thank You Becky At The Cutest Blog On The Block For My Blog Makeover...

Today Two Pink Peas got a major makeover because I won this one of a kind design over at The Cutest Blog On The Block. So I wanted to thank Becky for taking the time to re-do my blog. It looks so much more professional now and I really appreciate it. For those of you who have never visited The Cutest Blog On The Block please hop on over and take a peek at what they have. They offer SO many free backgrounds, buttons and extras there. The variety of the backgrounds, buttons and extras are amazing!! I guarantee that you will find something to put on your blog there. Did you notice my new button that she created for Two Pink Peas? It is SOOOOOO cute!! I really love it.
I would LOVE to hear your comments on what you think about the new look of Two Pink Peas. Thank you for stopping by and I will talk to you real soon.. I am going to go make a brand new post about Little Pink Peas and Little Blue Peas right now!! Have a great day everyone!! ~Terri

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You Susan Of Cricut and Grasshopper For Making This Card For Salifu...

OMG.. I have been so busy lately that I did not get a chance to thank Susan of Cricut and Grasshopper for making this card for Salifu. He is going to LOVE it Susan. Thank you so much for opening your loving heart and making this sweet and beautiful card for him. I just wish I could see his sweet and precious little face when he gets all of these cards. It is going to surprise him so much. So Thank You, Thank You and Thank You so much!! I apologize for not posting this sooner.
If you have not been to Susan's blog please hop on over and take a peek and become a follower. I LOVE her blog and she is truly talented!!
For those of you who also made cards for Salifu I would LOVE to show them on my blog if that is ok with you. Just email me and I will put them right up.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! Hugs ~Terri

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July From Two Pink Peas...

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope everyone is spending time with your family and loved ones today and having a wonderful time!!

Our fireworks were 2 nights ago as it is usually is early in the city that I live in. But because we had strong winds and rain that night they had to light the fireworks right away and do it in a hurry because they thought that everything would get wet.

Anyhow, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and also wanted to let everyone know that I will pick a winner of the Cinch at the end of this week. I know everyone is anxious to find out who won as I would want to know myself. So I will pick a winner on Friday or Saturday. Good luck everyone and have a Happy 4th of July!!! ~Terri

P.S. If you have not gone to my facebook page yet you can go here and for my Twitter page you can go here.  I would love to have you follow me on both facebook and twitter because I will be doing special giveaways on both of those pages someday soon. You do not want to miss that!! Talk to you all soon!!