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Monday, February 21, 2011

Question For You All About The Peel N' Stick Ribbon Giveaway...

I was reading all the wonderful and sweet comments that you all wrote for the giveaway and I wish I could give the Peel N' Stick Ribbon to ALL of you. So, I came up with an idea but I wanted to ask all of you who had entered the giveaway already. I can give 1 person the 20 packets of the ribbon OR I can divide them up and make it to where 3 of you can win some. I of course would add some more to it so it would be equal for all of you. I just do not know how much a piece yet. What do you all think? That is more chances to win but it is less ribbon. I will do what you all want me to do.

Please leave me a comment here and let me know how you feel about this. Thanks SO much!! Also, Thanks so much for ALL the wonderful comments..Keep them coming! I love each and every one of them!!~Terri

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Anonymous said...

Hope I'm doing this right.. This is April Johnson. I think whatever you decide is best. I also think that what you are doing is incredibly sweet and very giving. Makes me want to get together with you even more to make cards and play! You truly have a good soul. Btw, three winners are always better than one. I'd share! Hugs to you!