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Thursday, June 2, 2011

OMG.. I Won Some Peachy Keen Stamps... YAY For Me!! :o)

I am SO super excited because I just got an email from and was told that I won 2 sets of Peachy Keen Stamp Sets they are the.. PK-288 Skunk Cheer Up Set and PK-291 Sample Package of Faces These two sets are brand new and I have only gotten a sneak peek at what they look like. I don't care what they look like.. They are PKS and I LOVE all of their stamps..Oh, I am so excited. This made my night!!

About a month ago I won a huge Your Story Bundle (the big your story) but was to late getting back to them and lost the prize so this makes it all I am so super excited.. I LOVE Peachy Keen Stamps like all of you do. When I get them I will make sure to show you what they look like.

I have a huge surprise for you all. I did an interview with an amazing paper crafter and I just got the answers back tonight. So tomorrow I will post that interview and reveal who this person is....and trust me, if you have not heard of this talented crafter you WILL want to take a look at her blog and become a follower. I am blown away at her talent! So look for that sometime tomorrow. You will love reading this interview.  She did a great job answering my many many questions. Until then.. I will talk to you tomorrow. Sleep tight! ~Terri

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