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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WOW And OMG I Won Some Amazing Blog Candy...

Well I just checked my Two Pink Peas Facebook page and I got a message from Andrea of and she had sent me a message telling me that I won her Jar Full Of Sunshine Giveaway!! How exciting!! This is So weird because about 2 or 3 months ago I had won this exact same thing from another blog but did not get back to them in time and lost it so I can't believe that I won it again.

Thank you SO much Andrea and Heart In The Details for this amazing giveaway. I am really excited and cannot believe it!! If you get a chance please hop on over to her blog and become a follower. Her blog is amazing and has so many beautiful creations. As you can see that I am almost speechless and that almost never I almost always have something to say about everything..LOL. Like you couldn't tell... hehe!

Before I go I wanted to thank those of you who have said that you were going to send Salifu a card. I am just literally stunned by your kindness and how you have opened your heart to this very special little boy. If you decide that you are going to send something to Salifu make sure to leave your return address because I believe that you will receive a thank you letter from Salifu for your beautiful card. These cards are really going to make his day, his year!! Just him knowing that so many people care about him will mean so much. I have been asked what he likes. Well, he LOVES soccer and he wants to be a doctor when he grows up so those are a few ideas that you can use when making your cards. Also, I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you would email me your card or leave me a comment where I can copy it so I can post it on my blog so everyone can see your beautiful creations!! I just cannot thank you enough for doing this for him. I really do not think that he has ever received mail like this in his whole life, so this is a HUGE deal!!  Since it is after midnight it is officially Salifu's 11th birthday!! Happy 11th Birthday Salifu. We ALL love you to pieces!! ~Terri

P.S. I will try and see if I can find my pictures of him today and try to post them later on in the day. I might have packed them away but there might be a chance that they are somewhere in my bedroom. I am going to look and look and try to find them so you can see how beautiful this little boy is.

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