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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Won More Blog Candy...WOW!!!

VoiceQuilt - CD with Leather Holder

OMG.. My winning streak has been really hot lately. I just got an email from Frugal Experiments letting me know that picked #14 which was ME!! Usually I am never this lucky so I am really stunned and very appreciative to receive ALL of these amazing prizes.

Frugal Experiments said this on their blog...

7 days of unlimited voice time for VoiceQuilt
+44entries so far
OVERcontest is over!

And the winner is...

Entry #14Two Pink Peas Terri M
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Frugal Experiment says on their blog about what is 
a VoiceQuilt.....

This is a truly unique way to create a keepsake gift, there is no other gift like it. It's a personalized item with your friends and family's messages recorded specific to your occasion. Pictures are a wonderful way to capture moments in time, but hearing a person's voice recorded especially for your occasion is an unexpected, priceless gift.
VoiceQuilt - CD with Leather Holder
I received a package for 7 days of toll-free phone time and a VoiceQuilt keepsake CD with leather holder. I decided to use this as a way to capture my granddaughter's voice. My daughter dialed the toll-free number supplied by VoiceQuilt and handed the phone to Punkin Pie. With a tiny bit of coaching, we were able to capture her rendition of "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and the "ABCs". This is a truly precious gift that I will cherish for years to come. Her Daddy is in the army and they will be moving thousands of miles away from me in a few weeks, so now when I am missing her, I can play the cd or mp3 of her songs to cheer me up.

The process of creating the actual Voice Quilt is dead simple – you and those you wish to record a message, just dial in and say what you want to say. You then listen to the recorded voice messages online, decide the order in which you want them to play, give each recording a meaningful label, and click a button to create your “best hits” playlist. At this point, you have the option of downloading an mp3 file of your playlist, or sharing it with friends and family through email or facebook. Of course, they have beautiful keepsake boxes, leather cd and picture holders or USB drives to capture and present your keepsake to the recipient.

Now I just need to decide what to record to keep. I could pick my closest friends and have them leave me a special message that I could keep forever. This is something that I would LOVE to have had my dad do before he passed away. I could have Casey and Hallie record a message to me, which I will certainly do for sure!!
I don't know what else to pick to record so if any of you have any suggestions I would LOVE that!! I have never heard of VoiceQuilt and I have never used it before either so this is all brand new to me. To get more information about Voice Quilt please visit their website here and if you happen to order something from them, if you could please let them know that Two Pink Peas was a winner and sent you there I would really appreciate it. As you know how much I love to show love to other blogs and businesses, plus they will know where you came from and how you found them.
I wanted to thank T Jones from Frugal Experiments for the chance to win. Please hop on over to her blog here and please visit her Twitter page here and last but not least her facebook page here and please show some blog love and let her know that Two Pink Peas sent you. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you Voice Quilt and to Frugal Experiments for this really sweet gift that will last me a lifetime!! I really appreciate it!!
Hugs!!! ~Terri

P.S. I am getting ready to post my new giveaway right now!! So stay tuned!! You will want to enter for sure!!

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