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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Off Topic...Those Who Suffer From Fibromyalgia...

For those of you who do not know, besides having chronic pain from my total joint replacement on both sides of my jaw I also suffer from fibromyalgia. I have had fibro for many many many years. Probably over 11 years now. At least that is when my fibro was really at it's worse. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Hallie, she is now 10 and right after I had my c-section my fibro went crazy and out of control.
 I could barely walk, move, I mean I hurt everywhere. It was the most pain that I ever had to that date, besides getting my jaw broke but that is a whole other story.

I am a part of 2 fibro groups and one of them is sort of new. We are looking for new members to join. Our fibro group is on facebook and if you would like to join just click here and then friend request the group and we can add you. The owner of the group is Tiffany and she is really really sweet, very caring and very very supportive! Tiffany named me one of her admins just a few days ago and I help her out with several things. If you are looking for a ton of support, others that really understand what you are dealing and living with on a daily basis and new friends that share this condition then this group is for you!! Our groups name is called
Fibro M.O.M. which means Fibro Mind Over Matter and it also is a group for moms that live with fibro!!
 We talk about everything from family, life in general, funny things, sad things, supportive things and this includes having and living with fibromyalgia. I know talking about fibromyalgia is way off topic from what I usually post on my blog but there are so many women that I have met through blogging that craft and they suffer from many different medical conditions one being fibromyalgia.
We would love to have you so if you are interested just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you that way we will know how you found out about our group.

I also found some picture of my joint replacement and I thought I would share what it looks like..This is my joint replacement on the 3-D model that they had to make just for me. This was so they could custom build my new joint and it would fit perfectly.
Here are 2 pictures of my total joint replacement after is was built on the 3-D model of my exact skull.

Well, thanks for letting me talk about a subject that I normally would not talk about on here. If you are interested in joining our Facebook Fibro M.O.M. Group please go to this link and we would be so happy to have you.
Have a GREAT day everyone!! ~Terri

P.S. My husband made a real 3-D model of the house that we are thinking of making so I am going to go take some pictures of it right now to share with you. It is SO cute that he made this just for ME because I am a very visual person and I have to see what something looks like and I really cannot tell by looking at a blueprint or a layout of a house. Wait until you see how he did this.. it was so sweet that he went through ALL of this work just for me. Just so cute!! Be right back in a few!

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