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Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Found A $50.00 Bill On The Ground...

First I am SO bummed to say that I have NO pictures to show you and I will explain why that is in a second. Casey stayed a few nights at his papa's house and they went to a flea market. Casey was walking around looking at everything and happened to looked down and sitting right there on the ground was a $50.00 dollar bill. He tried to find who this money belonged to and he could not get anyone to claim that they lost it. I was actually really pleasantly surprised that everyone that they asked was very honest and did not lie and say "oh yes, that is my money" and I LOVE that. So Casey got to keep it. He was SO excited as anyone would be finding that much money. I know what I would have done with it..bought some craft supplies..LOL.. Like I really need one more thing!! 

Today, I had taken a ton of pictures of him holding his money and pictures of the $50 dollar bill itself and then some random pictures of the day we spent together.  When we got home I inserted my memory card into my computer to download them... well the pictures started downloading, and all of a sudden there were NO pictures. I had close to 200 hundred pictures and they are all gone. I am really bummed. I don't know what happened. So I put the memory card back into my camera because I wanted to see if I could see them on my camera but my camera prompted me with an error saying that I needed to format my memory card. I happen to know that when you format your memory card every thing gets erased so I did not allow it to format. Right now, I am still working on this memory card to see if hopefully I can recover these pictures but it is not looking good. But I wanted to at least share the news of Casey finding that money. Pretty amazing!! 

I asked Casey what he wanted to buy with his money and I suggested that we open a savings account and that he should just hold on to it. I told Casey that Hallie has a savings account and he would be very smart to open one for himself and save his money and add to it and when he really wants something he will be able to buy it and not just buy anything just because he has the money and he can't wait. Well, he acted like this money was burning a hole in his pocket..LOL. You know, like kids usually act when they get  So today I took him to Target and then we went to the Hobby Store. He really wanted a remote control helicopter and was very excited because his papa has one and that is what he wanted. No talking him into anything else...this helicopter was it!! Of course I had to chip in about $25.00 because these little boogers (meaning remote control helicopters) are SO expensive. Since Casey is a really good boy I was happy to help him get what he wanted and plus he really deserves it. I just wish that I had my pictures to show you. Such a bummer.

This has never happened to me before. I always format my memory card before I put it into one of my digital cameras and actually this memory card was formatted it this morning. So it is a

Well.. I am signing off for now. I am literally pooped. We have been so busy lately and plus my one of my best friends who I went to high school with called me last night letting me know that one of her good friends got into a very bad car accident and she was on life support for many days. I am not sure how many days exactly. But they pulled the plug last night and we are just waiting to see if she can make it on her own or if she is going to pass . It does not look good as she had severe brain trauma. Such a shame and my friend is so very upset and sad. I feel so terrible for her and wish there was something I could do to help them both.

Well, I need to rest and I will talk to you soon. I am planning on announcing with winner of the Cinch kit tomorrow sometime. Not sure what time but it is my plan to let you all know who won. Good luck everyone and I will talk to you very soon! Hugs ~Terri

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