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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Digital/Printable Stamp Download..Hurry Limited Time Only! Only Good Until November 6th!! Hurry, Rush Over!

Here is a great freebie for all of you... This offer is only good until Nov. 6th so rush on over. I found this on another blog or website..I totally forget where I saw this. I know that it is from the Cutting Cafe but I thought I might have saw it on a blog somewhere. If you happen to know would you please leave a comment so I can credit them for this? I always want to give credit where credit is due.
K.. go to

These are all Christmas related I believe.

 It is from the Cutting Cafe. I think that they may have other free downloads from the past, I am not sure so you will have to search to see. If you cannot find them let me know and I will be glad to look and find it for you.

This is a great opportunity to grab free digital/printable stamps.  I already downloaded mine and I plan on using them alot for card making or scrapbooking. There are alot of really adorable and beautiful printable stamps available for purchase.

 I am going to post great freebies or great great deals every Tuesday. It will be called "Tuesdays At Terri's!".  If you all know of any great deals or freebies and would like me to post them here please let me know and I will do just that! I want this blog to be a one stop shop so to speak.  I want it to be a great resource for crafting in general.

 I hope you enjoy this great freebie.

Thanks for looking! ~Terri

*** I wanted to really THANK you for the heads up regarding the wrong url. Sheesh, I am really glad that you brought that to my attention. I fixed it and will make sure that it is correct after I click on it. Thanks girls!! Your the BEST!!***


Summer said...

TFS... I will head over and check it out!

Suz said...

Your link takes us to an old set that is not free any longer. The current freebie is at:

Hope that helps! And thanks for the heads up. I went and downloaded this...

Terri Tv said...

Suz.. Thank you so much for the heads up!! I really appreciate it. I certainly would not want you all to get a bad or wrong link, so thank you, thank you and thank you!! ~Terri

Suz said...

No worries! I'm always glad to be pointed in the direction of a freebie, but I know from personal experience, it can be difficult to always get everything 100%. I feel good if I'm running at 80% ; )

Continued good recovery. My DH just had surgery yesterday, so we're having lots of empathy for ya!